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Love for Snowboarding by Ruby Peyton

Love for Snowboarding by Ruby Peyton

Lumilautailu on mailman siistein laji, eikä vähiten siksi että sen kautta pääsee tutustumaan uusiin uskomattoman hyviin tyyppeihin! Osa Iso-Syöte SnowParkin porukasta pääsi viime kesänä tutustumaan intohimoiseen lumilautailijaan, Amerikkalaiseen Rubyyn. Pyysimme Rubyä kertomaan miksi laskeminen on hänelle niin tärkeää. Moni syistä taitaa yhdistää kaikkia lankulla viihtyviä!

“My name is Ruby Peyton, I grew up in Evergreen, Colorado. I was two and a half years old when I started skiing. My mom worked at Loveland Ski area, I always had the option to go skiing with her on the weekends. Most of the time I would help her teach kids my age, but as I got older I became more and more independent. By the time I was four I was skiing by myself while my mom was working. I started snowboarding when I was 10 years old, this forever changed my life for the better. I found this passion, this amazing feeling in my heart; SNOWBOARDING. As the years went by and everything and everyone was changing, the only thing that stayed the same was my love for snowboarding.

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Mom & Me

I ended up missing allot of school to go snowboarding. My parents would call me in every powder day, and would allow me to ditch school almost anytime I had a ride to the mountain. I'm so thankful for the "cool" parents. I graduated from Evergreen High School class of 2012 and walked at red rocks amphitheater in Morrison Colorado, the most magical place in the world. The second I turned 18, I moved out of the house and continued to follow my passion for snowboarding. I moved to Summit County, where there were six ski resorts within 45 minutes of each other.

I met so many likeminded individuals on the mountain, they quickly became my best friends. Snowboarding introduced me to wonderful people and has taken me to some unforgettable places, without it I would be lost.


Working night shifts allowed me to express my devotion and love for snowboarding everyday. The Colorado winter season is quite long from mid October until the first week of July Arapahoe Basin ski area is open. After all the resorts are closed, you can find me with a group of friends hiking Loveland pass in hopes of snow. We set up some jibs and grill in the sunshine.

Good times  Yiej!

Most of my friends travel during the summer, following snow, making Summit County a ghost town. "Winter friends are forever, but summer friends melt away with the snow." The trend was inevitable following the summer snow kept that warm feeling in all of our hearts. The first endless winter I experienced changed my life forever. I was fortunate enough to find my self celebrating winter all summer long in NEW ZEALAND! I met so many amazing people from all over the world. I realized that traveling is the only thing that you can spend money on that makes you richer.”

New Zealand

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